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The Brisbane Fertility Clinic is proud to be home to one of just approximately 30 practitioners qualified in Fertility by Hypnosis ™ in Australia!

We have handpicked the very best Natural Therapy Practitioners to provide you with outstanding health solutions, and all practitioners at the Brisbane Fertility Clinic are registered Fertility By Hypnosis™ specialists.


Gwendoline Ford

Gwendoline is a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Diplomas in Aromatherapy, Natural Therapies and Training and Assessment, among other qualifications. She is the Principal of Health and Harmony Colleges and a certified member of the HypnoFertility Foundation. Gwen is one of the few practitioners qualified in Fertility by Hypnosis in Australia.

Having gone through IVF 3 times and unfortunately never becoming pregant, Gwen empathises with the struggles many women and couples endure.

"There was no support available, when I was going through it, unlike today," she says. "So I am passionate about doing my absolute best to help others achieve success in conceiving."

Gwendoline specialises in Hypnotherapy for Life Mastery and Motivation. With a 15 year background in Natural Therapies, Gwendoline will provide holistic strategies for you to overcome everyday challenges and get the best out of life.

Gwendoline's Qualifications Include:

  • Diploma of Aromatherapy, Advanced
  • Diploma of Natural Therapies, Advanced
  • Diploma of Training and Assessment
  • Diploma of Massage
  • Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Fertility by Hypnosis Practitioner Certification

Gwendoline runs a Holistic Health and Natural Therapies Blog, in which she discusses all aspects of natural health, lifestyle and personal development.

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Our Qualifications

All practitioners at the Brisbane Fertility Clinic are registered with the Hypnofertility Foundation as certified Fertility By Hypnosis™ consultants.

The HypnoFertility Foundation Inc.

The HypnoFertility Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit foundation that originated in Colorado, US. The foundation was formed to address the urgent need for research and information into the growing infertility epidemic, and to help provide quality assistance for those suffering with infertility worldwide.


To gain this qualification, our therapists have attended a training and certification course run by Alan Patching, the Australian Regional Director of the Hypnofertility Foundation Inc.

Alan Patching is a renowed and experienced Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, and is regarded as one of Australia's most outstanding leaders, consultants and business presenters in his field. Alan has studied various aspects of human behaviour worldwide, has been awarded with Counselling, Clinical Hypnotism and Hypo-Psychotherapy certifications from the UK Academy of Hypnotherapeutic Arts and the British National College of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy, among others.

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