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Fertility by Hypnosis 12-step Program

Fertility by Hypnosis™ works on eliminating the main culprits of "unexplained infertility": stress and lack of confidence. This hypnotherapy program can be used alone or prior to / in conjuction with IVF. There's more to our program than just relaxing you while in session. You'll be given the tools and knowledge to make optimal lifestyle changes, and will learn how to return to the tranquil state that welcomes conception.

Our Fertility Program is totally personal and adapted to each of our client's unique needs. At the Brisbane Fertility Clinic we assist you in removing old conditioning that no longer serves you and that is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

We understand that everyone will benefit from a holistic approach to their health, which includes dealing with their emotional histories. This approach is especially valuable for women who are struggling to conceive a child, including those who are using conventional medicine for infertility treatments.

Our integrated approach also includes in-house access and referrals to both medical specialists and additional alternative health services such as acupuncture, aromatherapy,biofeedback and massage to provide holistic, comprehensive care. Our unique 12 step program includes a whole array of complementary natural therapy treatments, tailor made to give you the best possible chance of getting pregnant.

This remarkably effective and affordable technique can more than double your chance of getting pregnant!

Our Unique Program Includes:

  • Full Professional Consultation
  • Sessions once a week for 3 cycles
  • Personally tailored Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Biofeedback session to help gauge the
    chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual inbalances in your body
  • Counselling and relaxation therapy sessions
  • Lifestyle adjustment advice
    • How to physiologically prepare your body for a baby
    • Diet, nutrition and lifestyle advice
    • Getting your body and mind ready for pregnancy
    • Creating a vibrant environment, inside and outside your body
  • Pregnancy Specialists Referal program if required
  • In-house access to additional alternative health services such as
    acupuncture, aromatherapy,biofeedback and massage if required

Does it really work?

To learn all about the process behind fertility by hypnosis including whether it's suitable for you, please visit our frequently asked questions page.

Why choose our fertility by hypnosis program?

  • We continually adapt to your needs, your personal history and your unique circumstance
  • Specifically designed to help women conceive naturally
  • Non invasive, natural and safe treatment
  • Increased chance of conception
  • Compatible with IVF programs - effectively double your chances of successful IVF
  • Higher likelihood a healthy baby
  • Learn how to manage and track your own fertility
  • Discover essential diet and nutrition information
  • Manage the fear and frustration of trying to conceive
  • Remove toxins from your body
  • Increase your overall energy and vitality
  • Improve your health
  • Involvement and support for each partner

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Hypnosis for Childbirth Program

Our personalised education program will help you prepare for all the changes that are to come. We can help you discover how to reduce pain, tension and fear during labour. Our private childbirth education and relaxation classes will guide you in making your birthing experience more pleasant, fulfilling and relaxed. Hypnotherapy has even been found to reduce the need for medical intervention or painkillers during the birth. Hypnosis in preparation for and during labour is beneficial whether you are giving birth naturally, with medical assistance, or even via caesarean. Please contact us for more information.

Did you know severe maternal stress has been linked to birth defects, development problems and even miscarriages? Read more here: 3 Ways Stress Can Harm Your Baby.

Pregnancy Massage

Blissful experience for future mummies with big tummies. We will use a special blend of nourishing oils to prevent your skin from stretch marks and help you with the fluid retention in your limbs and pain in your back. You will look within and connect with your baby. Be blessed.

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Support Group Meditation

We will soon be offering guided group meditation sessions, where you can meet with other woman tackling infertilty, and share your advice and experiences.

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The Indigo is a biofeed back device which marries science health and spirituality together. It gauges the chemical, emotional, mental and spiritual inbalances in your body and rectifies it at the same time.

Our biofeedback sessions specialise in: goal setting, determining what is stopping you in achieving your goals, diagnosing those who feel oto tired or experience brain fog, Gum problems, Anxiety, Chronic fatique and more. After biofeedback treatments, many clients feel clearer, more relaxed, enjoy better sleeping patterns, have less anxiety and can deal with life in a more energetic way. Many have also said they make better decisions now, understand more what nutrients to take and why, feel more passioned and happier about life in general and improve relationships with friends, family and themselves.

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