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“Just relax, and stop trying so hard!”

It is easier said than done to take your mind off trying to get pregnant, but no doubt you have had this said to you!

However, here are some stress management techniques and exercises that may help:

  • Spend time with supportive, positive friends and avoid those who are negative or bring you down in any way.
  • Do regular exercise to keep the body moving - this can simply be gentle walking or swimming
  • Eat a healthy diet with nutritionally balanced meals
  • Eat when you’re hungry - eat slowly and mindfully to enjoy food
  • Take time out for meditation or daydreaming. There are plenty of CDs on the market to help guide you into relaxation
  • Nurture and even pamper yourself
  • Reduce tasks and activities - you will be surprised at just how much of what you do is unnecessary
  • Get adequate quality sleep
  • Write in a journal
  • Have regular bodywork - massage, acupuncture, reflexology etc
  • Undertake hypnotherapy for stress management, goal achieving and pure relaxation
  • Have fun
  • Read a good book
  • Study something that you are really interested in, without pressure - perhaps by home study
  • Watch funny movies
  • Snuggle with someone you love, or curl up with a pet
  • If you find yourself constantly busy, without the time to relax, learn to prioritise. Start by ordering your to-do list by importance, and telling yourself it’s okay to let a few things wait until tomorrow
  • Have a warm bath or shower. Even better – an aromatherapeutic bath
  • Consider taking yoga classes or studying yoga from home