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It is Conceivable That Your Mind is Preventing You From Conceiving

You have done everything that you are advised to do in order to get pregnant, you’ve cleansed your body, followed a good diet, made love at the right time of the month and your doctor has no reason to think that you should have any problems.

Yet the months are slipping by...

If this sounds like you, I can almost guarantee that what’s on your mind is stopping you getting pregnant. Without the mind in order, the body is out of order too. When someone is in a coma and their brain is asleep, so too is their body isn’t it?

I am sure that you have heard of stories where people have gone into remission or have become cured of serious diseases for no good medical reason. Or what about those stories in which an old man is said to have only weeks to live, but he survives for months only to die happily the day after his daughter’s wedding. Or what about all those couples who gave up trying, adopted a child, and then fell immediately pregnant!

All these cases have one thing in common: “Mind over matter”.

The mind and body are connected so it is important to create harmony within the whole person to overcome fertility issues and finally achieve pregnancy.

There are plenty of recent studies to support what Chinese women observed several thousands of years ago: that women who had difficulty conceiving often had an underlying emotional issue that was preventing conception. Your moods, both high and low, your emotions, your stress levels, that self-talk that goes on in your mind… they all play a part on your holistic health, that is your mind, your body and your spiritual self.

It can be surprising just how strongly the urge to reproduce can effect you. It can become an obsession, an aspiration that totally consumes you. This in itself can start to cause all sorts of stress in your life and your relationships especially when things don’t go as smoothly and as quickly as you would like. Stress effects our bodies in many ways and for the couple trying to conceive it may be more than vaginal dryness and semen quality.

Your overly stressed bodies could experience:

  • Supressing luteinising hormone
  • Increasing serum cortisol levels
  • Inhibiting hypothalamic Gnrh function
  • Preventing implantation of a fertilised egg
  • Reducing egg quality
  • Delaying release of eggs

So how is your mind preventing you from getting pregnant?

It may be that you have thought patterns that are holding you back such as:

  • You are not meant to be a mother for some reason or other
  • Maybe you think you are too old
  • Maybe you are carrying some guilt that you think maybe the reason: perhaps you would feel guilty if you did fall pregnant because your sister or best friend cant have babies
  • You think you are being punished for some reason or other
  • You think you’re not good enough
  • Perhaps other members of the family had trouble conceiving and so you naturally believe you will too.

Maybe even deeper down in your subconscious you have some conditioning that you don’t even think of, such as hearing your mother or aunties say, “I will never go through that again!” Or perhaps you heard other negative stories as you were growing up - about menstruation, childbirth and child rearing. What did you hear about your own birth?

Maybe you didn’t experience good parenting so you don’t have a good example to follow. Do you have the experience of not feeling a valued child?

Or maybe your family doesn’t approve of your partner... or you having a baby because of your age or for some other reason.

Maybe you are simply afraid of the effect of the pregnancy and what it will do to your body, your relationships, your career, your finances… perhaps you are even afraid of the act of giving birth itself.

At this point, you may be asking, “What memories, messages and experiences am I holding onto that could be sabotaging my efforts to conceive and give birth to a baby?”

It is easy to see that you could have a lot going on both the conscious and unconscious level that may have a negative impact on yourself and your partner. These stressful thoughts can block your ability to support conception and pregnancy.

Hypnotherapy can help with many things. It is one of the most marvelous and effective natural therapies. It supports motivation for life mastery, stops bad habits that are life ruining, can end mental anguish of fears and phobias, and can get the mind in order for conception!

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